All You Need To Know About Jump Rope and Fitness

By September 17, 2018Fitness Tips

Ever tried to jump rope to get fit? Maybe you have maybe not. Most probably the last time you used jumping rope for your exercise was years ago. However, if you are looking for a portable and cheap way to burn more calories, jump rope is an essential exercise tool you must have. The activity comes with many benefits, but before you get the benefits, you need to know the basic requirements, how to jump and finally the benefits.
Basic requirements
Some of the things you need include:
• A beaded rope for novices because the beads hold the shape of the rope and it becomes easier to control. You can also use vinyl or cloth jumping rope.
• Ensure to have correct fitting athletic shoes
• Flat surface
Here is what you need to do:
• Hold the handles and adjust the rope to the size you want
• Shorten it and make sure it reaches your armpits
• Make sure you have enough space where you can jump without anything obstructing you.
How to jump
• Practice jumping without using the rope
• Old the rope handles using both your hands and start swinging to develop a rhythm.
• Put the two together and start jumping continue sly and at the same time swinging the rope.
If you think you have mastered this jumping technique you can exercise lower intensity exercise like marching. This exercise will allow you to jump for longer periods without getting tired. You can also opt for a high-intensity workout that involves one jump every time the rope passes.
Benefits of jump rope
Build agility and quickness
If you want to improve your agility and be quicker, a skipping rope exercise will help you. Skipping also improves coordination and balance by making your mind focus on the feet. Boxers know its benefit.
Good for the brain
If you are searching for an exercise that will impact your physical and mental health, skipping rope is most certainly one of them. It’s more like ballroom dancing or slacking.
Burn calories
There is just a handle of exercises that burn calories and jump rope is one of them. You can burn 10 to 16 calories every minute using a jump rope according to estimates.
How to prevent injuries
If you have doubts if your body can withstand the high aerobic intensity and impact of jumping rope, you can always check with the doctor. As mentioned, jumping surfaces, shoes and the rope you use are important to avoid injuries.

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