The best way to train chest

By December 6, 2018Fitness Tips

The best way to train chest
The chest is one of the biggest muscle groups in the whole body. For a lot of guys, the chest is one of the most important parts to train, a lot of men dream of having these enormous pecs. However, most of the guys who lift don’t really know what the best way is to develop these muscles. We will help you out, in this article we will look at the ways in which the chest can be trained optimally.
Make bench press the priority
Studies show that the bench press is the single most important exercise if it comes down to training chest. The bench press can be done with dumbbell of with a barbell, it doesn’t really matter what sort you choose. If you bench it is extremely important to keep strict form. It is never a good idea to lift more than you are capable of. Besides that, the risk of injury will be a lot higher with a tremendous amount of weight. So it is wise to keep the repetitions for the bench press at around 10-15. In this way you will get maximum hypertrophy without running the risk of injury.
Don’t forget the fly
The fly is the famous movement from Arnold, he did this to optimize the breakdown of the muscle in the pecs. With the fly you will get the biggest stretch possible on your chest, this will make sure that your body is able to prioritize the growth in this area. The best way to do the fly is to use dumbbells, the cable fly is a good alternative. Never use too much weight, the fly has to be done in high repetitions to give great results. For the fly the general baseline would be roughly 20 repetitions, a bit more can also be added to make the pump even bigger.
Always stretch before the workout
Before you start training chest it is extremely important to stretch your muscles. By stretching you will greatly reduce the risk of injury. For stretching you can always use a single rope around the back, by spreading your arms as wide as possible you will stretch your pectoral muscles. Do this before the first exercise, after this one your body will be warmed up and ready to be trained. When you neglect the stretching part your body will not be warm enough for benching. Muscles that are cold are way more often broken down too fast, this will result in injury.
Training the chest is for a lot of men the single best day of the week. The pecs are the muscles that will always be seen in the mirror, a lot of people will see them when you walk down the street. They are also the muscles that women will find most attractive. To make sure that you train chest in the correct way it is a good idea to follow all the steps in this article. This will prevent injury and it will make your training sessions a lot better than before.

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