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By June 6, 2019Fitness Tips

A lot of women like to work out. There is one big difference between the training of a man and that of a woman. The ladies don’t want a big chest or bulky arms, they will mainly focus their training session on the legs. Quite a few women don’t really know what the best exercises are for the legs. We want to help you out, in this article we will have a look at the best workout for the ladies!
The glutes
The glutes play a big role in the workout for the women. This muscle group will give you the overall shape of the bum. For this muscle group you can do a lot of different exercises. One of the most important is the kickback, this exercise will not only attack the glutes, but it will also incorporate the hamstring and the quads. You can find a machine in most gyms for this exercise. Can’t you find this machine in your gym? Not a problem at all, you can also do this exercise with a cable. For this exercise it is best to keep the reps in the high range, in this way you can maximize the hypertrophy in the muscles.
The squat should be the single most important movement during your training. The main reason why every woman should squat is that this movement will involve all the muscles in the legs. It is quite hard to do them with a lot of weight, but when you practice it enough you will certainly get stronger over time. In the beginning of the workout the rep range for the squat would be between 3-8, for the end of the workout you can bump it up to 20 if you want to get that full pump. It is always a good idea to start heavy, since the strength exercises will take more energy.
Pay attention to form
For the legs it is extremely important that the form is on point. When you don’t pay any attention to your form you can injure yourself, you certainly don’t want this to happen. Also, by doing the movement with good form you will maximize the breakdown of the muscles, when they are recovered, they will be a lot stronger than before. When you feel that your form is lacking because the weight is too heavy it is a good idea to drop a bit of the weight to make sure that you can do it in perfect form.
How many times?
It turns out that women can train their legs more often than man can, this is because the hamstring and the glute of the woman is a lot of the times stronger than the rest of their body. For training legs, it is best to do them two or thrice a week to make sure that you can fully recover. You can’t train your legs every day. Actually, you can’t train any muscle group every day. Keep your recovery in check, make sure you eat good food and before you know it your legs will be a lot stronger than before!

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