Does Barefoot Running Cause or Prevent Injuries

By October 1, 2020Fitness Tips

Imagine running barefoot, enjoying it, and even being able to reduce your chance of getting injured? Of course, shoe aficionados claim that running barefoot or minus anything to support your ankle and foot leads to injuries. The running barefoot fad was going on for about 12 years, but it finally came to an end in 2016 when the real science milestones finally arrived. Bramble and Lieberman, who claimed that humans are born to run with no running shoes. This milestone inspired minimalist shoe industries and gave scientific jurisdiction to come up with a new running style based on health claims. So, does barefoot running prevent injuries? Let’s compare twotheories

Dr. Lieberman’s 2012 paper

According to Dr. Daniel Lieberman’s paper published in Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise in 2012, there is “a 2.6-times greater chance of having a severe injury” when running in shoes than when you are running barefoot. Dr. Daniels says, “As far as I know, it’s the biggest effect ever shown on running injury.” Is this true? It was only in 2016 that the clear answer was out. The study had limitations and it did not demonstrate the cause of injuries let alone its effects.

Training quality

The barefoot running faddish, running styles and shoes has led to many people believing that they prevent knee, feet, and leginjuries. But is this the case? The value of these results is based on speculation, not reality. The fad led to overuse of injuries.Overusing injuries mean running techniques and biomechanics are not as important as the amount of activity. Training frequency and volume can cause leg and foot injuries. There is nothing like barefoot running preventing injuries.

Also, it is unlikely that footwear designs or running style can prevent injuries. According to studies, there was still no evidence that some running shoe designs prevent injuries. If you are training and running a lot, you are going to injure your feet at some point.

So, do barefoot running or footwear designs prevent injuries?

The running fad boomed in the US in the 1970s. Almost 25 million citizens started running. It led to a birth of a new industry. The industry concentrated on manufacturing running shoes with absurd claims and features. They promised runners to protect them from injuries. This didn’t work as the injury rates remained the same. It indicated that nothing, even barefoot running or shoe designs can prevent injuries. Minding your training volume and frequency can help prevent injuries.

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