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Should I work out in the morning or the evenings?

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The debate has been going on for ages. It’s a traditional battle between a night owl and an early riser. We often ask the question whether its better to get up early in the morning or stay up late in the night? As you and I are fitness fanatics our only main purpose in life is to get our bodies in the perfect shape, the shape they deserve. A significant portion of our daily life is dedicated towards fitness and exercising. But as the world has now changed and most of us prefer to stay up late in the night. One question does come into play. Should I work out in the morning or the evenings?
There are various amounts of factors and benefits for both the two time slots. We see that a wide variety of benefits can be obtained in both the two time slots, morning and late night. The answer however is largely dependant on how involved you are in the exercise. Some people like to prefer working out in the night whereas some prefer working out in the mornings.

Hormonal Effect:
Mornings: Working out in the mornings can be advantageous because the testosterone levels are higher which fuels up your energy.
Evenings: Working out in the morning has one disadvantage that can be recovered in the night. Cortisol levels reach up to 75% in the mornings whereas they are quite low in the evenings. Cortisol is a hormone which helps in metabolism and a higher cortisol level typically means that your muscles are literally being eaten.
Famous Personalities:
Dwayne Johnson is an early riser and works out in the mornings.
Usain Bolt is a night owl and absolutely loves running in the night.

Weight Loss:
Mornings: People who are looking to lose some weight should workout in the mornings. As research indicates that the metabolism rate is much faster in the mornings and working out can be highly beneficial for weight loss.
Evenings: As the metabolism rate is slower in the evenings the losing weight will be harder with an evening workout.

Being Consistent:
Mornings: Research suggests that people who workout in the morning are more consistent when it comes to working out and maintaining it for longer periods.
Evenings: People who work out in the evenings tend to get more tired as compared to those who workout in the morning. This creates a lack of consistency.

Due to higher metabolism and increased testosterone the energy gained from working out is phenomenal which leads to a good enough sleep.
Evenings: You can have a longer lie-in which is obviously great for one’s health and maximum strength can be achieved in an evening workout. It is also known that an evening workout can release stress. Furthermore, most of us are looking to go out for a drink in the pub and working out in the evenings is a great way to avoid this situation.

The Art of Growing Muscles

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The Art of Growing Muscles
The year 2018 has many signs that provide us an insight of what the future might look like when it comes to fitness buffs. We see that there is a tremendous increase in people looking to get swole especially women. Women for some reason haven’t really been too inclined to growing out some muscles. Its probably because of the fact that the image of a women has always been stereotyped as delicate. Well, times have certainly changed as women are now keen on learning the art of growing muscles.
Do you know the human body has around 650 muscles that actively help in the functioning of the human body every single day? An individual body has muscles that are typically inclined towards the individuals’ routine. In other words, they adapt according to an individuals’ requirements. To take things a notch high one needs dedication and commitment to change the routine so that the muscles can go swole!
Our muscles are extremely adaptive to external stimuli, meaning that they can adapt according to the needs of an individual. In order to gain muscles strength and size one needs to change their routine either by incorporating some exercise like carrying weight or they can simply gain expertise of a personal trainer. Hagar Shafir is one of the most prominent and highly qualified personal trainers that can help you identify yourself with a new look of mass and muscles. A holistic approach towards muscle making is always important as your body needs a total change in how it functioned before.
A muscle adapts when it is stretched beyond its current strength and in response the body tends to repair the damage through satellite cells. These cells are responsible in how muscles can adapt according to how much strain is brought on them. Damage and regeneration go hand to hand together, meaning that once the cells are damaged then the regeneration process takes place which can take up to 72 hours. After the damaged muscles is repaired through a strand of new fibre you are ready to hit the gym again! The process of gaining muscle is very much dependant on the regeneration process and in order to put a pedal on regenerating muscle one should have a diet full of protein and carbs.
Muscle Growth isn’t just about Exercising:
If it was just about exercise then gaining muscle would in fact be quite easy. Alas, it is never so simple, in order to gain muscle, one needs to understand that the rate of damage must be less than the rate of regeneration process of tissues. This can only be achieved through a holistic approach that should incorporate a diet consisting of essential amino acids and proteins. Only then your body would be able to increase the process of muscle regeneration which can get you swole! As mentioned before, Hagar Shafir is a personal trainer and is the right expert to teach you how to create a routine that would suit your body in gaining muscle

HIIT workout

HIIT workout

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Effective HIIT Workout you can perform anywhere

High-intensity interval training (HIIT) is the latest trend among fitness buffs. It requires one to give all their effort to perform an intense workout that is followed by short recovery periods. The American College of Sports Medicine conducted a survey in which it turned out to be one of the popular fitness trends in the year 2017.
The major advantage of this type of training is that it helps to burn excessive fat in comparison to other workout forms such as aerobic etc. in a relatively lesser period. [Name] has compiled an effective HIIT workout that you can perform anywhere. But first, have a look at the benefits.
What are the Benefits of HIIT Training?
Fast Metabolism
As discussed above, this intense workout form leads to EPOC. Thus, in turn, results in increased metabolism rate even after you are done with the workout. This is because once you have completed a HIIT routine, your metabolism can stay increased for up to 48 hours.
No Equipment Required
The best part of this exercise form is that you don’t require any workout equipment. This allows you to perform it anywhere. HIIT workouts use our body weight and the results are building muscles along with fat and calorie burning.
Easy & Instant
Another advantage of HIIT exercise is that it can be done at any time and at anywhere. It just requires half an hour of your daily routine and you are good to go.
The HITT Workout

Now that you have known the advantages, let’s head to the main challenge i.e. the HITT workout. All it requires your cent percent effort and you can derive the maximum results.
50 Sit-Ups
First of all, you need to lay on your back and bend your knees. Place your feet on the floor to get in this position. The next step is to tighten your core. Pull your back and head off the ground using your abs. Do it until you are in the position of upright sitting. Your back must be fully vertical to the floor.
Once you have done this, pull your abs and go back to start position by slowing laying your back down and then repeat this exercise.
40 Jump Squats
To do this, start by standing straight with your arms at your sides and feet apart. Make sure the difference is equal to the shoulder width. Now, bend your knees; ensure they are in line with the feet placement. Position yourself in a quarter squat. The next step is to make a small jump. Get back to the earlier position and repeat.
20 Split Jumps
Place your feet in a hip-width apart position. Arms should be at your sides. Now, take a small jump. While making this jump, move your left leg backward and right leg forward. When landing, your left knee must be bent in line with the hip while the right knee must be bent over your toes directly. Jump again and reverse the positions of the legs. Repeat.
10 Tricep Dips
Get yourself in a position so that your knees are bent on 90 degrees, all fours are facing the ceiling, and your hands are placed under your shoulders on the ground. Your back must be straight and fingers should be facing forward. Tuck in your elbows and bend them. Bring your butt close to the ground as much it is possible. Go back to the original position and repeat.
30 sec Burpees
Start this exercise by standing. At first, your hands must be placed on the ground. Now, jump backwards and extend your legs as much as you can. Make sure you in a push up position. Jump your legs quickly towards your hands. Now, speedily stand up and jump again. Your hands must be raised up. After landing, repeat these steps again speedily.
To get the best outcome, it is advised to repeat this regime daily. Try to complete it faster with each passing day.

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