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How to create an effective full-body workout in a quarantine

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As the coronavirus continues to cause concern worldwide, gym-goers have begun to think twice about sharing equipment, locker rooms, and towels. Although the virus doesn’t survive well on highly-sanitized surfaces, fitness professionals and enthusiasts are wary.

There are plenty of exercises you can do at home with minimal equipment to get a full body workout and yes, even some cardio.

Here’s what Im recommend for staying in great shape even if a quarantine happens.

Burpees are the king of at-home exercises, according to experts
While a home workout can’t replace an intense bodybuilding session of pumping iron, there are plenty of ways to work up a sweat in your living room

starting with a set of burpees that will be challenging but doable for you based on your fitness level — five to 10 is a good starting point. Then, follow it up with the same number of push-ups, squats, and mountain climbers. Repeat several times for an easy total body workout.

If you hate burpees or just want some variety, other body weight movements can work other areas of the body, and offer varying degrees of difficulty.

Air squats, for example, can be done just about anywhere and by anyone, Goldberg said. Those, along with mountain climbers, lunges, push-ups (or variations to make them easier or harder) are the basic body weight exercise to combine into various workouts.

Just combining those basic movements, one after another, can be a quick effective home workout.

You don’t need anything but your body weight to exercise, according to Germond, but if you do want to add variety, a few common things around the house can help keep you busy until you can get back to the gym.
A chair, for instance, can be used to support your squats — stand over it and lower down until just before your rear touches the seat (imagine you’re using a grimy gas station restroom).

You can also use that same chair to work your upper body with tricep dips, placing your hands behind you on the chair, walking your feet out in front, and slowly bending your elbows to slower down and back up.

If you do like lifting weights, consider using a broomstick in place of a barbell to practice movements like squats, Germond recommends. It may be less challenging that a full weighted barbell, but it can help you perfect your form and keep mobile until you can get back to the gym.

If you do want a little weight, a few gallon jugs of water can provide some resistance for squats, lunges, shoulder presses, and other movements, along with providing convenient post-workout hydration.

How to exercise while staying at home

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Hope you all safe at home. I know its a tough time. But please remember tough times don’t last, tough people do.
Just because gyms are closed doesn’t mean you have to miss your workout. Staying home tends to mean more eating and less moving for many of us, but you have to stay motivated

Best arm exercises:

How to do it: Place your hands under your shoulders and lift your body from the ground to reach a plank position. Slowly bend your elbows and lower your body down, ensuring that you keep your core engaged to maintain a straight line. Repeat.

Dumbbell shoulder press

How to do it: Hold dumbbells (a tin of beans or a bottle of milk will also do the job) in either hand and stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Make sure not to lock your knees and press your weights up from your shoulder height until your arms are straight. Hold and slowly move back so that your biceps are at three o’clock from your shoulders before pushing back up. Repeat.

Around the world

How to do it: Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, ensuring not to lock your knees. Hold your dumbbell (or makeshift household weight) in front of your face with your elbows bent, palms facing each other. Circle the weight around your head and keep your elbows in your eyeline as you do it. Repeat.

Best leg exercises:

How to do it: Stand with your feet hip-width apart. Push your hips back and bend your knees to lower into a squat, making sure that your knees do not hover any further forward than your toes. Repeat.

Reverse lunge
How to do it: Stand with your feet hip-width apart. Step back with your right leg and bend both knees as you lower until both knees are at a 90 degree angle. Push through the heel of your left foot to stand, and repeat on the other side.


How to do it: Get onto all fours on your hands and knees. Slowly kick your right leg back until it’s straight, making sure that you keep your core engaged and back straight. Slowly bring it back down and repeat on the other side.

Best tummy exercises:
Leg raises

How to do it: Lie on your back with your hands placed under your bottom. Raise your legs to 90 degrees, and slowly lower both of them back down without arching your lower back. Repeat.

Mountain climbers
How to do it: Place both hands under your shoulders and push up into a plank position. Bring one knee into your chest and back to the starting position. Do the same with the other leg and repeat immediately on the other side to build speed. Repeat.


How to do it: Sit down and hover on your bottom with your legs off of the floor and your back straight at 45 degrees. Extend your legs out straight then bend to crunch in, as you bring your chest to meet your knees. Repeat.

Best bum exercises:
Glute bridge
How to do it: Lie on your back with your knees bent and lift your bottom away from the ground to reach table-top. From there lower your bottom back down to the ground and thrust back up. Repeat. Add in a weight to rest on your hips to increase intensity.

Plié squat

How to do it: Start with your feet wider than your hips and turned out. Tuck your pelvis under and lower down into a squat as you push your bottom backwards. Push back up through the heels of your feet to return to standing. Repeat.

Fire hydrant

How to do it: Start on all fours with your wrists under your shoulders and knees under your hips. Lift your right knee out to the side until the thigh is parallel to the floor. Return back to the ground and repeat.

Be safe. Take care.

How to lose weight fast

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Losing weight is not the easiest thing in the world. For a lot of people are the temptations too high. They don’t track what they eat and every day they consume to many calories to lose the unwanted fat. We totally understand that this can be quite annoying and maybe even demotivating. That’s why we want to help you out, we will show you the ways in which you can lose weight a little bit faster than normal.
Calculate your TDEE
Your TDEE is the total amount of calories you burn every day;this number will show you how much your body actually needs to stay the same weight. On internet you can find a lot of calculators that will show you exactly how many calories you need to consume to stay this weight. For someone who has a lot of fat to lose is it best to make the deficit of about 10-20%. In this range you will lose quite fast, but it is still enough to maintain healthy. You certainly don’t want to follow a crash diet, this is unnecessary and even really not good for your body.
Increase your movement
Instead of dropping your food intake you can also choose for the other path, this is to increase the total amount of movement you make during the day. So, for example take the stairs instead of the escalator, take your dog for a walk of have a long ride on your bicycle. By increasing the total amount of activity during the day you are able to lose weight without the need to eat a lot less than usual. For a lot of people this is the best way to lose weight, they don’t want to eat healthy all day,so they choose for this alternative.
Drink more water
Water is extremely important for your body. During your weight loss phase, drinking water should be on top of your list. It turns out that water will help you to get rid of excess water weight. By increasing your water intake and by lowering your sodium intake you are able to lose even a few pounds a day of water weight. It also has zero calories, while the soda drinks often have a few hundred per liter. Therefore, it is wise to drink water all day instead of all those sugary drinks. You can also spice things up a bit by adding some lemon or strawberry to the water for some extra flavor.
Use a fat burner
A fat burner can be the thing you need to lose that belly fat forever. The term ‘fat burner’ is the name for a supplement that will aid in the fat loss, it will increase the fat metabolism or energy expenditure. This will in turn help you to lose the weight faster. The fat burner has a lot of different ingredients which will aid to the fat loss, each has its own advantages and effects. The list of ingredients that will improve fat loss are the following; caffeine, L-carnitine, green tea, conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), forskolin, chromium, Yohimbe, Glucomannon and Raspberry Ketones. All this will increase the total amount of calories burned on a day. Follow these tips and you will see that the weight loss will increase quite a bit within a few weeks!

Gaining muscle without getting fat

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Gaining muscle is not always easy. A lot of men and women find it difficult to gain muscle without gaining fat. This is because of the fact that everyone needs a calorie surplus to build the muscle, when you take this to far you will lose track of your weight and you will gain too fast. In this article we will show you a few tricks that you can keep in mind when building muscle, without becoming a lot fatter than you used to.
Don’t eat too much
This one seems a bit obvious, but it is worth mentioning. It is important that you don’t consume too many calories during your bulking period. By restricting the total amount of food that you eat you are able to prevent any unnecessary fat gain. The general rule of thumb is that you should eat roughly 10% on top of your daily calories. When you eat more than this number, the changes of you gaining unwanted fat will be a lot higher than usual. For keeping track of your food intake, you can always download a tracker app, in this app you can list all the things you have eaten that particular day.
Keep the food clean
It is always better to eat clean than to keep stuffing yourself full of all kinds of fatty or sweet foods. So, for example, the carbs from oatmeal will be a lot better than the fast sugars from a candy stick. If you want to gain the best amount of muscle without getting all that fluff on you it is wise to keep most of your calories clean. Of course, you can eat chocolate or a burger every once in a while, but if you want to get the best results possible you will have to put in the work. This means skipping those fries and taking a nice plate of rice and chicken instead
Don’t drink too much alcohol
Alcohol will act as an inhibitor for the fat loss process. It turns out that the overall fat burning processes in the body will slow down when you get drunk or when you drink a couple ofdrinks. If you can to stay as lean as possible during your muscle gain period it is wise to keep the drinking to a moderate to low level. You can keep the general rule of maximum 2 drinks a day, no more than 2 times a week. In this way you can still drink that beer after a hard day of work, you just can’t down the whole 6-pack in one sitting.
Don’t stress it too much
If you think you will gain 0.0 lbs. of fat during your bulk, we have to disappoint you. By following the tips from above you are able to prevent the fat gain for a large part, but you can’t fully eliminate the fat gain during a bulk. Therefore, we advise that you don’t stress it too much, if you find out that you gained a pound of fat during a month than this is not bad at all. When you see the scale rising too much you know it is time to put the fork down. But till that time, you can relax a bit, have fun during the day and don’t get too serious with counting all your foods. It is never wise to spend too much time worrying!

Clean sources of protein

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Getting all your protein from clean sources can be quite a bit of hassle. We all know that the dirty foods have quite a lot of protein, think of the burgers and the pizzas. But what about the food that is totally clean? In this article we will show you some clean sources of protein, these can be consumed any time to help the recovery of the muscles. Read more to find out what to eat!
Chicken breast
This is the most consumed healthy food of all time among the lifting community. Chicken has almost 20 grams of protein for 100 gr of meat. As you can see this is a lot. Besides that, there is a lot that can be done with chicken. You can put it on your sandwich, or you can stuff it in a salad. You will almost never get tired of this kind of food.
Fish is also one of the best sources of clean protein. You can eat all kinds of fish, almost all the fish have lots of good protein in it. You can choose for example for tuna or for salmon, these fishes have the best possible protein of them all. With fish you will also provide your body with all the necessary fats to make sure that your hormone levels stay in the good range. Fish is not only tasty to eat, but it is also one of the best things that you can eat when gaining muscle or when losing weight.
You probably know that nuts have a high content of good fats in them, but what a lot of people don’t know is that you will also find high amounts of protein in them. A cup of peanuts has roughly 10gr of protein, this makes it a great snack for lunch. You can also mix some yogurt with almonds, this will give you one of the best meals that is packed with protein, an excellent choice to eat before you hop into bed.
Cottage cheese
Cheese is not very healthy for you since it has too many saturated fats. However, cottage cheese doesn’t count as cheese. This kind of mix of quark and yogurt is one of the best sources of casein, this is the protein that will be absorbed slowly by the body. You can put some honey in it to make it a little bit less dry, eat it before you go to sleep to make sure your body can optimally restore during the night!
Mix between clean and dirty
Of course, it is not necessary to fully change your diet to all clean food sources. It is wise to get the largest part of your protein from a clean source, but this doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy eating dirty every once in a while. You can always incorporate a cheat day in your schedule, with this day you are able to get to enjoy life to the fullest without compromising your weekly diet. This is also the best way to keep yourself sane during your weight loss journey or during your bulking period.

Combining cardio and weight lifting

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Cardio and weight are two totally different things. What a lot of lifters don’t know is that you can’t just combine the two without paying any attention to the details. Too much cardio can hinder your muscle gain, too much lifting can hinder your cardio performance. In this article we will look into the things that should be payed attention to when you want to combine cardio and weight lifting. Make sure you read these tips to maximize the performance in the gym!
Always start with weight lifting
For everyone who wants to combine the two it is best to start with lifting weights. This is because of the fact that you will need all the energy you can get for lifting. When you have leg day you can’t expect to squat big numbers if the first thing you do is an hour of cardio. So, start your day with a light warmup of about 10 minutes, then do your weight lifting and end the workout with some time on the cardio machines. At the end of the workout you can stretch and loosen your muscles, they have become tight of the movements. This loosening process will help you to prevent injury.
Afterburn effect
Another reason why cardio after your workout a good idea is is that the cardio will help you with the afterburn effect. What is this exactly? This is the period in which you burn a lot more calories than before, your heartbeat is up, and your body is doing everything it can to reach the fat. When you do this at the end of the workout you will receive these advantages on top of the calories already burned during lifting. Losing weight has never been easier than this!
Look at the combination
It is best to do your HIT cardio sessions on the days that you are not already lifting. If you have ever done a HIT training session in your life you will know how exhausting it is. Therefore, it is wise to do these on the days that you have the rest of the day off. You don’t want to lift and do your HIT on the same day, this would be way too taxing on your body. You can for example do your HIT on Monday, Thursday and Sunday, and lifting on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.
Cardio on the same day
If you really want to you can safely do cardio on the same day as lifting, you just need to pay attention to the speed and the intensity of the cardio session. When you want to do it the same day it is wise to keep your heartbeat at around 60% of your maximum, this means that you can do your session for up to 30-45 minutes. By keeping the pace low, you will give your body the chance to recover from the workout without compromising the weight loss effects of the cardio.
Cardio and weight lifting can go hand in hand, if you pay attention to the details from above you can combine them without running the risk of injury of fatigue. It is wise to not overdo it, when you train too much you have the chance to become overtrained. You certainly don’t want this to happen, when you are overtrained you will be further from home. Do you like to do cardio on the same day as lifting weight or do you do them on separate days?

Workout for the ladies

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A lot of women like to work out. There is one big difference between the training of a man and that of a woman. The ladies don’t want a big chest or bulky arms, they will mainly focus their training session on the legs. Quite a few women don’t really know what the best exercises are for the legs. We want to help you out, in this article we will have a look at the best workout for the ladies!
The glutes
The glutes play a big role in the workout for the women. This muscle group will give you the overall shape of the bum. For this muscle group you can do a lot of different exercises. One of the most important is the kickback, this exercise will not only attack the glutes, but it will also incorporate the hamstring and the quads. You can find a machine in most gyms for this exercise. Can’t you find this machine in your gym? Not a problem at all, you can also do this exercise with a cable. For this exercise it is best to keep the reps in the high range, in this way you can maximize the hypertrophy in the muscles.
The squat should be the single most important movement during your training. The main reason why every woman should squat is that this movement will involve all the muscles in the legs. It is quite hard to do them with a lot of weight, but when you practice it enough you will certainly get stronger over time. In the beginning of the workout the rep range for the squat would be between 3-8, for the end of the workout you can bump it up to 20 if you want to get that full pump. It is always a good idea to start heavy, since the strength exercises will take more energy.
Pay attention to form
For the legs it is extremely important that the form is on point. When you don’t pay any attention to your form you can injure yourself, you certainly don’t want this to happen. Also, by doing the movement with good form you will maximize the breakdown of the muscles, when they are recovered, they will be a lot stronger than before. When you feel that your form is lacking because the weight is too heavy it is a good idea to drop a bit of the weight to make sure that you can do it in perfect form.
How many times?
It turns out that women can train their legs more often than man can, this is because the hamstring and the glute of the woman is a lot of the times stronger than the rest of their body. For training legs, it is best to do them two or thrice a week to make sure that you can fully recover. You can’t train your legs every day. Actually, you can’t train any muscle group every day. Keep your recovery in check, make sure you eat good food and before you know it your legs will be a lot stronger than before!

Bulking vs cutting

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If you are a lifter you probably have once in your life heard of the terms bulking and cutting. Both terms have something to do with the period and season of nutrition. Chances are you have a rough idea about what they mean but that you can’t give a clear definition. In this blogpost we will take a look at the comparison between bulking and cutting. After reading this article you will know whether to bulk or to cut!
What is bulking?
Bulking is the period in which you are gaining weight. Why would you want to gain weight? You can’t build any muscle without a caloric surplus. The body needs all the energy it can get its hands on for building muscle. This means that in this period you will have to eat more than that you burn. You can do this by upping your protein and carbs, the carbs will give you that fuller look. However, note that you will always get some fat on you during the bulk, there is no way around this. So, can see this as a necessary part of the process.
But what is cutting?
Right, but what is cutting then exactly? Cutting is the period in which you try to lose all the unwanted fat that you put on during your bulk. By shredding all this excess fat, you can get the muscles to appear. People who are cut often are very lean, you can see this in the face and in the vascularity on the body. Cutting is normally done during the summer, since this is the time of the year that you will be spending without a shirt on. This goes the same for bulking, you do this during the winter because you can wear sweaters to hide your little fluff belly.
Can you skip bulking and cutting?
For beginners it is possible to get around bulking and cutting, they can gain muscle in the beginning without worrying too much about carbs, fats and protein. But for the person who has been lifting for quite a while there is no way you can get around the bulking and cutting cycles. These have to be done to maximize the amount of muscle you can build in a natural way. It doesn’t have to be the strictest diet you ever had, but you can always make sure that one period of the year you are gaining muscle and the other part of the year you are losing fat. After a few cycles you will look amazing.
Should you bulk or cut first?
For the average person who doesn’t spend a lot of time in the gym it is often best to start with a bulk. This is because you won’t really get fat in the beginning. By starting with a bulk, you will have some muscle on you, when you get to fat for your liking you can slowly start to lower your food intake to start your cut. Always keep in mind, during the cut it is extremely important to take as many proteins as possible to preserve muscle mass. You don’t want to lose all that hard-earned muscle, right? With 2 grams per kilogram of mass you will be safe enough!

High vs low repetitions

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A lot of people don’t really know what they are exactly doing when they are working out. One of the things that a lot of people do wrong is making the mistake on incorporating too many high repetitions in the workout. Of course, there are benefits for high repetitions, but the low rep range should not be cast aside. In this article we will look into the differences between high and low repetitions. After reading you will fully understand the way these things complement each other.
Advantages of high reps
The advantages of high reps are quite big. The first and foremost pro of using high repetitions is that you will always make sure that your muscles will receive full hypertrophy. This means that they will be fully broken down and rebuild, this will result in building muscle. The low rep ranges don’t offer these kind of hypertrophy levels. So, if you are looking for that full look, the big look, you should lay the focus on the high repetitions. Take for example the bicep curl, this movement can be done best in 3 sets of 10-12 repetitions. This is mainly the case for the isolation movements, for the big exercises it is best to stay in the low rep range.
The pros of low reps
On the other side of the spectrum we have the low rep ranges. This will range anywhere between the 3 and 8 reps. These kinds of numbers are superb for the big movements, you can think of the bench or the squat. For these movements the amount of weight you can lift plays a big role. With the low rep range, you will mainly focus on strength gain. Therefore, it is wise to incorporate these at the beginning of your workout to make sure that you have all the energy you need to fully complete these movements. Let’s make this into an example. For a regular squat routine your daily schedule would be something like 5 sets of 5 repetitions to maximize strength gain.
The cons of both
The cons of the low rep ranges have mainly to do with the high risk of injury. Because the form will be a lot less neat the risk of injury will increase. You can’t lift full weight in the strictest form, this just isn’t possible. The cons of the high rep ranges have mainly to do with the fact that you will not gain significantly in strength when you do these, since strength training is focused on the low reps. As you can see, both have advantages and disadvantages. The best would be to combine the two of them.
Combine them for optimal results
When you want the best of both worlds you can combine the two to make the best possible workout. Start your routine with the heavy movements, the exercises in the low rep range. When you finish these your energy levels will be a little bit depleted. When these are over you can focus on form for the high rep movements. These are mainly isolation movements, strength is not really at play here. These take a lot less energy, therefore you are able to finish the whole routine with easy.

Overtraining: How to prevent and recognize it

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Overtraining can come in a lot of forms; therefore, it can be a bit difficult to see or to recognize it. However, it certainly is something that should be prevented or at least treated. A number of lifters will still go to the gym, not knowing that their body is overtrained. In this blogpost we will take a look at overtraining in general and we will look at the ways it can be treated and possibly prevented.
The symptoms
First, we have to look at the symptoms that you may get when you are overtrained. The first thing that you will notice is that you will be a lot more tired during training. Maybe you can’t do the amount of reps that you were used to or maybe you will feel lightheaded during the workout. If you have overtrained you can also feel headaches and you can even feel depressed from time to time.
This is because your central nervous system is broken, this system will regulate all the essential tasks in the human body. When you are overtrained your body doesn’t have enough time and energy to recover, this is really bad for your health.
A few of the overall symptoms are:
• Tired feeling throughout the day
• Having headaches
• Losing grip strength
• Trouble sleeping
• Long periods of muscle soreness
• Depressed
• Moody
Prevent overtraining
The best way to prevent overtraining is to rest a lot during the week. Everybody needs rest, there is not a single person that can work out every day without suffering the consequents. So, after a few days of lifting you will need to have a rest day. The absolutely minimum of rest days is 2 times a week, any number below will result in overtraining. Do you feel guilty when you didn’t train a day? Always keep in mind that muscles can only be recovered by rest, so actually you are building muscle when you aren’t even working out!
Treating overtraining
Overtraining can be treated by taking a few weeks off. In this period of rest, the body is able to recover to its normal form. In this period, it is extremely important to make sure that you will receive all the necessary vitamins and protein. These will make sure that your body can build the lost muscle, your muscle will be recovered a lot faster than when you don’t consume any healthy foods at all. Fish oil can also be taken when your central nervous system has taken a blow, these tablets can be bought online and in stores.
Overtraining can be extremely dangerous is you don’t do anything about it. Do you recognize any of the symptoms and do you think that you have overtrained a bit lately? This is the time to do something about it, contact your physician if you want professional help. It is always good to go to this person, by checking regularly you can prevent overtraining in the long run. Overtraining, it isn’t fun but luckily it can be prevented by taking enough rest in between workout sessions!

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